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Producer, writer, entrepreneur. Marci monitors trends in entertainment, media, brands, and pop culture from Miami, New York and San Francisco. Twitter: Storiapix

Longmire and the myth of the crime drama procedural

Recently, I have been enjoying the television drama “Longmire” through my Netflix streaming service. Longmire is a good show, set in the fictional Wyoming county of Absaroka within its principle (also fictional) town of Durant. Featuring interesting and complex characters, the … Continue reading

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Rebecca — DVD commentary by critic Richard Schickel off base

MGM’s Rebecca arrived in my mailbox recently, compliments of a twice-per-month DVD delivery from my Netflix queue. The Rebecca disc is part of the Alfred Hitchcock Premiere Collection, and the 1999 compilation by Anchor Bay Entertainment for MGM included a commentary track recorded by film … Continue reading

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Why journalistic rigor matters in corporate communications

Not long ago, I spent a Netflix evening watching “All the President’s Men,” a wonderful 1970’s film about the Nixon Watergate scandal and the two Washington Post reporters who broke the story. I was reminded that good investigative reporting takes … Continue reading

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The art of daily business writing and why editors can help

The savviest of our corporate clients recognize the importance of daily business communications—and the power of a close author/editor collaboration in making them successful. Today a busy executive does as much communicating in a day through short, bursty texts, email, … Continue reading

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